Let’s shine a light on how you can make the most of your time and energy – I’d LOVE to help you succeed in business and thrive in life!


I know what it’s like. You decide to go out in business – or start a side hustle – because you have a dream.

There’s something that you’re really, really good at, and you want to share it with the world.

You start off feeling bulletproof. There may be some nagging doubts, or those well-meaning people who suggest you’d be better off sticking to your day job. You smile politely, maybe muttering a little under your breath, and ignore them. You’re really going to do this. You dive in, boots and all.

Fast-forward. It’s one of those events which make you stop and review where your life is at. A birthday, the beginning of a new year, a school reunion (noooo!). Or maybe it’s simply a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Or – perhaps more importantly – a conversation with yourself. How’s business? What are you up to next? Is this firing you up in the way you hoped it would in the beginning? Is it taking you where you want to go? Are you LOVING what you’re doing?

Here we hit one of those crossroads – it’s a choose-your-own-ending story. Maybe business is thriving – maybe it’s a raging success – and you’re not sure if you can keep up. A fast -growing business is a double-edged sword. Your bank account may be looking awesome, but you sleep three hours a night if you’re lucky and you last saw your family in 2014.

Maybe business is trucking along ok, but it’s not firing on all cylinders. You get overwhelmed with how much there is to do, and how it’s all down to you. You’re full of ideas and plans, but it’s hard to see any of them through. They buzz around your head at night like a swarm of cluster flies, and while you lie awake mentally swotting them, you wonder if running your own business is really all that.

Or maybe – just maybe – you’re just starting out. You might have another job too, but you’re determined to make a go of your own business in the limited time you have. Your to-do list is long, and sometimes you get through it – but other times entire hours pass while you stare blankly at your computer screen and wonder if sharing videos of dancing giraffes actually counts as real work in the social media minefield.

If any of these rings true for you, I’m in your corner!

I’ve been in business for many years – almost 19 years in clinical psychology (mostly self-employed) and also running Nibl for 3 years (both an events-based and online business).

I have a lifetime of following through on business ideas and a love of helping others to do the same.

I get very excited by teaching, coaching and inspiring people to live their best possible lives, and seeing people gain huge traction when they take actions every day to make their dreams come true.

I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their lives, one step or bite at a time.

I love to talk with people. I particularly love to share inspiration, and wisdom, and connect people with information that can truly make a difference to them. (And very occasionally, I like to look at clips of dancing giraffes too!)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people move from flustered to flourishing, overwhelmed to organised, and exhausted to energised.

That’s why I’m super-passionate about helping smart, ambitious people to capitalise on their time and maximise their energy, so that you can SUCCEED in business and THRIVE in life.

Which is where efficiency coaching comes in.

I’m working with amazing people with big dreams (actually little dreams are important too), to help make them come true. So if you’d love to feel more organised, effective, confident, successful and energised….let’s see what magic we can create together!

Nicola is a gem. She brings wit, compassion and integrity into everything she does. Her natural gifts shine most brightly when she’s working with her clients, helping them find efficiency and ease in their busy lives. If you’re looking to make the most of your time — and therefore the most of your life — you need Nicola in your corner.
Cailen Ascher

Clarity Coach

My biggest benefit from talking to Nicola has been the deepening feeling of control over my own life. Talking to Nicola it’s like talking to a close friend even if you just met her. She’s always present, fully listening. She is thinking outside the square, helping with solutions if asked but also letting me work it out.

Nicola has great suggestions and sometimes counters my own ideas and approaches to take them further to be more effective. She’s my true sounding board, asking the right things and sometimes uncovers when I was just skimming the surface. After our conversations I’m positive and settled, knowing that I can take steps and that I’m in control. She’s my calm amidst my self-created storm!

Anja O'Connor

MIghty Efficienct

Coaching with Nicola has given me the clarity and energy to make wonderful life-changing decisions. She offers gentle but very profound challenges.

The value that Nicola gives is brilliant!

Jan Aitken

Life Coach, Fit for Life Coaches


Efficiency Boost Power-Hour


What is it?

The Efficiency Boost Power-Hour is for you if you want to fine-tune your vision for life and business, and learn strategies to help you bring that vision to life from Day 1.

How Does it Work?

You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before we meet, to help me understand what you’d most like assistance with, and to enable you to gain clarity about what is and isn’t working well right now in your workplace or business (or setting up your business).

We’ll meet by Skype or Zoom and you’ll receive a summary of my notes from the call to help you capitalize on our time together.

What’s the Investment?

NZ$297 per hour


Please choose your spot via my online calendar. You’ll then receive a link to a brief questionnaire and we’ll be getting started before you know it!

If you have any questions, email me at













Effortless Efficiency Package


What is it?

The Effortless Efficiency Package is for you if you want to create powerful, lasting change in terms of learning how to fully maximise your time and capitalise on your energy, so that you can succeed in business and thrive in life.

How Does it Work?

You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before we meet, to help me understand what you’d most like assistance with, and to enable you to gain clarity about what is and isn’t working well right now in your business (or setting up your business).

We’ll meet by Skype or Zoom and you’ll receive call recordings and summaries of my notes from calls to help you capitalize on our time together.

You’ll also receive a personalized gift from me after the first call, and will have email access to me throughout the time we’re working together.

We’ll have 6 coaching sessions – the first being a 90 minute deep-dive into what you’d most like help with, followed by 5 weekly or fortnightly calls (your choice of time frame). Each call will have a different theme, focusing on your vision, workflow strategies, streamlining your business, understanding your own energy and productivity patterns, overcoming procrastination and other obstacles, and other personalized topics to help accelerate your journey to business success!

What’s the Investment?

NZ$1499 (or three monthly payments of $519)


Please APPLY NOW to find out if Effortless Efficiency is right for you!




Bespoke Efficiency Coaching and Consulting


What is it?

In response to client requests, I am delighted to create individualized packages for individuals and groups who want to set up successful and sustainable habits in terms of efficiency and productivity.

How Does it Work?

You get in touch with me via email with your specific needs. We have a (free) 20-30 minute call to uncover what you or your team would most like help with. Together we can co-create a roadmap for finding your way out of entrepreneur or workplace overwhelm and put you on the path towards your most effective, organised and flourishing self or selves!

For example, in recent months I’ve designed an Efficiency Streamline package for a client who wanted a 3-session program of individualized help with transitioning from one business to another. I’ve also created a three-hour workshop on Workplace Efficiency for a group of top-level executives, complete with resource sheets and workbooks for ongoing learning, development and accountability.

The possibilities are endless…you only need to ask!

What’s the Investment?

Investment depends on the package of services and resources required.


Please email me ( to let me know how we can boost your efficiency together!







Nicola is centered, intelligent, insightful, and kind.  She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to tap into their greater potential (in the most efficient (and fun!) way possible).  She is approachable and friendly but also professional and knows what she’s talking about.  I feel invigorated after our call!

Before we spoke, I was struggling with (in the biggest sense) how to be the most productive with the time I have.  I would ebb and flow with periods of sitting and staring at my computer (or mindlessly checking email) to being extremely productive and knocking out my entire to-do list in one sitting.  I wanted to be more consistently efficient.

After talking with Nicola I noticed an increase in confidence.  I think half (or maybe way more than half!) the battle is the mental side of things and trying to keep up that feeling of “I got this” which can be challenging when you’re the only planning for yourself, cheering yourself on, keeping the momentum up.  Our conversation definitely aided in increasing that feeling and giving me another boost that I’m on the right path.  Also, it seemed like she was really able to tap into where I was coming from so having that guiding voice of support is pure gold.

It’s like I wasn’t giving myself a chance to figure out when I was at my best, just thinking I had to be a workhorse 100% of the time .. but it’s about working smarter not harder and that little trick you taught me is definitely smart! Thank you, thank you!   I truly, truly enjoyed our call and found it so extremely helpful.


Emily Socha

Emily Socha

Nicola is organised, careful, considered, insightful, creative, and supportive. She was also wonderful as a guest on my podcast – she sounded great, had fab tips and talked for the perfect length of time! Star guest!!

When I talked with Nicola about how I spend time in my business, I really appreciated learning the value of scheduling posts and, perhaps more importantly, having themes for each day of the week. Having themes really was the game changer for me on a number of levels  – it helped me sort out the major themes that were important in what I was about and what I was trying to communicate, it decreased the time spent searching for or generating content, and it helped my page become more “cohesive” and consistent. Applying that strategy of themes to compartmentalizing the different jobs I do to different days of the week has allowed me to to be more efficient, say no more easily (as I can see that I literally don’t have the time), and be more organised.

I also found her emphasis on gathering data and reviewing it regularly very helpful.  I’ve seen my social media reach increase significantly as a result of the strategies we discussed.

Thank you so much for your positivity, encouragement, enthusiasm, and very practical strategies, Nicola.

Dr Kumari Fernando Valentine

Dr Kumari

After our conversation I realized that I was not clearly addressing the “big picture” of my top goals for the rest of this calendar year. I was always “down in the weeds” with the little to-do’s. Your idea of having one place to make notes about my top projects is going to help me keep my eye on the projects that need to happen to achieve my goals – that was gold!

Nicola knows what on-line entrepreneurs are up against with their business, the demands on their time and what it takes to succeed. Her strategic approach to organizing business growth ideas and making best use of time have given me momentum to move forward in a very deliberate way.

Nancy Popkin

Love More, Eat Less

Nicola really helped me focus on what I have taken out of past experiences – how I learn best, and how I interact with others – in a way that I have never thought about before. It all makes complete sense now, but I wasn’t able to connect that with how I wanted to work with people in my business.

I feel so much more at ease now, knowing I don’t have to do things a certain way [read: how “everyone else” does], I can really make it work for ME as well as the people I work with, and I know they will FEEL that difference too.

Cassie Wright

My conversation with Nicola left me feeling a lot clearer and more purposeful about my businesses, and I am more confident in setting goals that have actual impact.

I have been struggling with splitting my focus between and – while I have a vision for both, trying to reconcile that with the day to day strategy has been a challenge.

I feel like I have been “given permission” to cut out the stuff that doesn’t excite me, and build my business how I want it, not how others want it. I went away from our meeting with some concrete action steps and a clearer vision of what I want to achieve, and what I need to do to get there.

I am feeling a lot more energised, as I have a better sense of what I want to achieve now. Thank you Nicola!

Amanda Cookson

Southern Bride

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