Snack Attack Pack



Are you feeling peckish? Here’s a beautiful ebook for you, full of 22 delicious plant-based snack recipes – plus variations!

Includes scrumptious photos, a discussion on snacking mindfully, and in ingredient cheat-sheet.

Created by Nicola Brown from Nibl.

PLUS – for people who can be peckish ++ from time to time – the full

Feeling Peckish Snack Attack Pack!

This pack includes all of the above, plus 3 snack prep plans – shopping lists and step-by-step guides to help you create loads of snacks for hungry households, or enough snacks to keep you sorted for weeks/months:

RAW|45 – make 3 raw snack recipes in 45 minutes (approx)

PLANTBASED|75 – make 5 raw and cooked plant-based snack recipes in 75 minutes (approx)

TRAVEL|90 – make 3 plant-based travel-friendly snack recipes in 90 minutes (approx)

Nutritious snacks don’t have to come in packets, or cost you the earth, or require you to chain yourself to the kitchen. With the Feeling Peckish Snack Attack Pack, you can create loads of delicious snacks at once – end lunchbox dramas and desperate supermarket snack-grabs once and for all!


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You’ve been asking for it….all of the best Nibl snack recipes in one place.

If you love to eat, and crave new ideas for scrumptious snacks, this ebook is waiting for you!


What’s included?

22 real food snack recipes, plus awesome variations.

All plant-based, dairy-free, and mostly gluten-free recipes (and if you can get hold of gluten-free oats, then all of the recipes are gluten-free).

Some recipes are raw, some cooked. Some sweet, some savoury. Some super-fast to make, some require a little effort. Some light, some substantial.

Something for everyone and…


There’s also a discussion on eating mindfully, and paying attention to how you feel before reaching for a snack.

Recipes are accompanied by beautiful colour photos.

PLUS you get a handy-dandy ingredient cheat-sheet – a description of some of the more unusual ingredients used in the recipes (although you may already have many of them), and where to get hold of them.

AND 3 shopping lists and kitchen prep plans to create loads of delicious snacks at once – end lunchbox dramas and desperate supermarket snack-grabs once and for all!

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions:

Happy snacking!


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