Now if I was a supermarket, I would have sent this recipe out into the world on about December 27th. But I’m guessing now is a more reasonable time to start thinking about Easter – we’re all back in the swing of things for 2016, the last holiday might still be fresh in your mind and the next one is just around the corner! If you love all that sweet gooey Easter treaty-ness but want to avoid the sugar hangover, these bliss balls are just what you need.

It has been said that I have an unusual fixation on turning every recipe under the sun into bliss balls. Now I’m not one to fly in the face of what appears to be quit compelling evidence….

Hazelnut and cranberry truffles 2

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Christmas bliss balls 3

…but I can reassure you that I have no plans to create pizza bliss balls, fish and chip bliss balls, or onion bhaji bliss balls (actually that one’s not too much of a stretch).

That said, these little hot cross bun beauties were one of my favourite recipes to create last year. And also one of the simplest, as recipe-development processes go – I dreamt about them, threw the ingredients together, and they worked like a charm first time. The lucky people on the Nibl mailing list have had this recipe since last Easter, as I like to send all kinds of goodies in their direction first (here’s the link if you’re hit by a pang of FOMO right now!).

Hot cross bun bliss balls

Hot Cross Bun Bliss Balls

1 cup almond butter
½ – ¾ cup desiccated coconut
½ cup currants (plus ¼ cup extra, reserved)
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 ½ teaspoons mixed spice
1 tablespoon candied orange or lemon peel (or substitute grated fresh citrus peel)
1 50 gram white chocolate bar
Garnish: additional currants or peel

Combine almond butter, half a cup of coconut, half a cup of currants, maple syrup and mixed spice in food processor. Process until mixture begins to stick together. Add additional coconut if needed, to form a mixture which can be rolled into balls. Add extra quarter cup of currants and candied/citrus peel; pulse briefly until just combined.

Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls and place on a lined tray. Refrigerate 20 – 30 minutes. Melt chocolate and pipe crosses (or whatever shape you choose) on top; garnish with additional currants/peel and refrigerate for another 15 minutes.

Makes 25 – 30 balls. Keep refrigerated for up to 5 days.

Notes: The amount of coconut needed varies, depending on the amount of oil in the almond butter – more coconut will help dry the mixture out if it is too soft to shape. Alternatively if you go all-out with the coconut and the mixture becomes too try, add a very small amount of warm water to bind. If you want to make these dairy-free, use dairy-free chocolate for the crosses (e.g., Whittaker’s dark chocolate. I’ve also heard some people used cashew cream for the crosses, and were mighty pleased with the outcome).


Want to print or share this recipe? You’ll find it right here. And if you’d love some other Nibl bites of deliciousness – many of which are NOT actually spherical – you may want to check out my recipe ebook!

Have a go at making these little treasures, and let me know how you get on. And please – if you have any brilliant ideas for things that I definitely SHOULD (or SHOULDN’T) turn into bliss balls – leave a comment below!

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