It’s easy to squander time within teams and organisations. Any of us can fall into habits which result in lowered productivity, decreased output, poor communication, workplace stress and overwhelm, and diminished satisfaction for teams, employees and customers alike.

Technology provides so many opportunities to streamline and improve workflow – yet in many organisations it also becomes a source of distraction and overwhelm. People arrive at work full of determination to be productive and efficient, but leave wondering where the day went and feeling compelled to work extra hours to catch up. This triggers a cycle of being busy yet unproductive, overworking and under-delivering, feeling stretched but dissatisfied.

It doesn’t have to be this way! An efficiency workshop will help stimulate enduring changes to these patterns. Gaining an understanding of personal and team productivity can lead to huge benefits in terms of meeting deadlines, improving billable hours, heightening customer/client satisfaction, reaching key performance indicators more easily, and having a team who feel satisfied that they’ve worked effectively and efficiently at the end of each day.

How will you benefit from an efficiency workshop?

Learning smart strategies to streamline processes, enhance communication and focus the mind can help your team or organisation to work more effectively, as individuals and as a group, to produce long-lasting and meaningful changes in efficiency and output.

How do we design your team’s workshop?

  • We’ll arrange a consultation call between Nicola and one of your senior team members to uncover what the current challenges are, and whether an efficiency workshop is appropriate at this time.
  • Prior to a workshop, attendees will complete a brief (10 – 15 minute) questionnaire in advance, to provide insights about their current successes, frustrations and challenges in terms of managing workload, multiple demands and productivity. This guides preparation for the workshop, ensuring that the session is tailored specifically to the team’s needs.
  • During a workshop:
    • Each attendee receives a workbook and resource list, allowing them to record key insights and goals for change, and providing a resource to refer back to for ongoing professional and personal development and accountability.
    • Workshop content differs according to each organisation’s needs, but components may include:
      • information regarding the brain’s responses to distraction, and why technology provides uniques challenges to our abilities to work productively
      • education and coaching regarding how to juggle multiple demands unique to your environment
      • breakout sessions and ‘hot seat’ discussions to address the specific questions and needs of attendees
      • customised strategies, tools, and resources to enable each attendee to make meaningful and sustainable changes in terms of managing his or her workload, achieving focus when faced with distractions, and regaining a sense of control over his/her time and energy.
  • Following a workshop: if requested, follow-up coaching is available to allow attendees to review their progress regarding personal accountability goals set during the workshop, as well as identifying obstacles to change and allowing for problem-solving to help them gain the most benefit from concepts discussed in the workshop.


Workshop enquiries are welcome for the remainder of 2017. Workshops are available throughout New Zealand. Please get in contact if you’d like to know more about how we can bring effortless efficiency to your workplace!

Nicola is an interesting, knowledgeable, helpful and credible facilitator. We are introducing changes such as meeting-free Fridays as a result of the Executive Efficiency workshop; our team really appreciated the non-threatening and collaborative environment that Nicola created during our session. This gave us ‘permission’ and space to think outside the box and re-focus our thinking and ultimately our actions around efficiency and time management.


Leanne Mash

CEO, Central Otago District Council

Efficiency workshops are ideal for those who work in the following fields:

  • Knowledge and information-based industries (e.g., lawyers, planners, accountants, administrators, academics, people who work as creatives or in government and community organisations)
  • Senior management and executive leadership teams

To discuss your team’s needs, please complete the contact box below.

Efficiency workshops are NOT designed for:

  • Manufacturing and service-based industries
  • Solo entrepeneurs and business owners working alone (however individual coaching could be very beneficial to boost your efficiency – see more here)

About Nicola

As an Efficiency Coach (and Clinical Psychologist with twenty years of experience), I’ve helped a wide range of people clarify what matters most and understand their own productivity patterns to achieve what they truly care about. Having been employed within small, medium and large organisations, I’m very adept at identifying systemic drains on time and energy, which prevent people from doing their best work. I’ve  also run my own business for four years, so I understand many of the challenges that small businesses (and business owners) face in providing the best possible outcomes for their customers or clients, while protecting their business and financial sustainability.

I would love to talk about how an efficiency workshop could prove to be a catalyst for significant change in your team’s successes.

Ready to get started? Email me (nicola@nibl.co.nz) or use the contact box below and we’ll arrange a time to talk about how an efficiency workshop could best serve your group or organisation.

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