Do you remember those choose-your-own-adventure books? The ones where you don’t read right to the end – every few pages you have decisions to make, so the book reads like a different story each time?

I’ve been reading one of those with my son. Frankly, I do not remember them being so terrifying in the past. I kept making bad choices which inevitably led to us hurtling downhill on an out-of-control perpetual roller coaster, or being herded into a pitch-black maze by a tribe of maniacal clowns. Talk about nightmare material (Flynn seemed to sleep soundly, but I seriously questioned our choice of bedtime reading).

Anyway, since I was awake for hours with all that adrenaline, it got me to thinking.  If you’ve been with me over the last few weeks, you know that I’m changing direction with Nibl. Big time! So….why not let YOU choose your own adventure in terms of where we go next?

I’ve noticed that it’s very easy now to find inspiration for tasty, nourishing recipes (and if we can’t be bothered making this food, there are plenty of places to buy it, which is awesome sauce). What’s NOT so easy is cutting through the overload that many of us seem to experience on a daily basis. We have so many demands on our time, so many ways for people to ask things of us, so many possible distractions….making it easy to get to the end of the day, wondering if we managed to achieve anything of great importance at all, other than being completely up with the play on the lives of people we met once and then befriended on social media (don’t get me wrong – I love you all!).

Does this sound like you? If it does, this is what I’d love to help you with next. Running Nibl for three years (and being a clinical psychologist for nineteen years) has taught me a thing or two about how to make things happen. So I’ve decided to spend time doing more of what I love to do – empowering smart, ambitious people to capitalise on their time and maximise their energy, so that they can truly succeed in business and thrive in life.

I love helping people to:

  • get to the end of the day feeling really satisfied because they smashed their to-do list
  • cut through the overwhelm so that they can see what they’d really love their life to be about – then planning exactly how to make that happen
  • set up great habits so that their time is their own, and they feel satisfied with what they achieved in the day or the week
  • identify what matters most – both short term and long term – so that they can take big, bold steps to bring those dreams to fruition!

The next question is… HOW exactly will we do this? It’s a great question, which you can help me answer. I am overflowing with ideas about what could be useful – but there’s no point creating it if it’s not what you want. So it’s a choose-your-own-adventure scenario. I’ve thought of some starting points, and you may think of others too.

Which of these would most appeal to you? Everyone who answers (here, on Facebook or by email) by 11.8.16 goes in the draw for a free hour of efficiency coaching with me. Get your thinking caps on!

Let me know in the comments which of these you like the sound of (list as many as you like):

  1. an audio series on how to achieve more by doing less
  2. a business, productivity and well-being one-day workshop
  3. a digital/social media detox challenge
  4. an online course on how to supercharge your efficiency and energy
  5. resources on tips, apps  and other sources of brilliance to fine-tune your time management and productivity
  6. none of the above – you’re only here for the recipes
  7. something else (if so, I’d love to know what!)

I can’t wait to hear what you think. It won’t take you long – I know you’re busy!

By the way, if you’re floundering around like a flea in a fit (as my grandmother would say), on a roller coaster to nowhere with your business, and what you’d really love is some one-to-one help, that help is already here! I have a few spots available for efficiency coaching  with folks who want to sort out ASAP what they most want to be achieving, and how to make it happen quick-smart. All that you need to know is here. I absolutely love running these sessions and you can read all kinds of lovely feedback from people who’ve joined me for them.

(And I guarantee, there are no bad choices here. There are no axe-wielding clowns involved in this at all.)


P.S. Recipes will still be part of the story on this site – don’t you fret. (In fact there’s a star recipe coming up next week for a snack which is in very high demand in my household.)

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