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I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering you to take care of yourself while you’re taking care of business. You’ll find recipes for amazing, healthy plant-based food to nourish the mind and body. Strategies to help you capitalise on your time and focus on what matters most to you. And random tidbits of humor to tickle your fancy – because flourishing in business and life can be fun, but having a laugh at the whole ‘good living’ industry is also fun!
Take a look around and let me help you streamline your life, energise your body and THRIVE!


Sneak Peak….

Howdy! I hope you're feeling fine and dandy as we make the sliiiiiide into holidays. I've been rather quiet on this blog recently - I started 2016 with great intentions (don't we all??) and things didn't quite pan out as planned. And you know what? That is just fine....

Procrastination Busters: The 15 Minute Trick

Years ago, when I was writing my PhD thesis, I went to the library in a fit of desperation. One of my PhD supervisors had left the country permanently in what appeared, to me, to be a fairly dramatic move to avoid reading my drafts. If it was that dire that someone...

Chocolate Chunk Cashew Bites

Hello hello! Recently I asked Niblers what you would most like me to create next. I'm going to come back to telling you about the outcome of the survey in an upcoming blogpost. But one of the messages which came through loud and clear is that people still want...

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